Vice President – Rhonda Osman

For over 18 years, Rhonda has focused her expertise in product development, as a customer service and Interactive Voice Response Technology specialist. She has managed thousands of staff in customer service, sales and product development roles. With a focus on relationships and delivering stellar service and efficiency in a fast-paced environment, Rhonda’s talents have given Virtual Business Services Australia the edge in a highly competitive industry. Rhonda has a passion for people and building relationships. As an effective communicator she believes it’s important to inspire business owners to love the community they work in. Rhonda believes in clearly communicating your vision and to always have a strategy to achieve your goals. When you are a great communicator you become an excellent leader. When asked what she wants to achieve as the Vice President of the Chamber, Rhonda responded with “Collaborating and strengthening business relationships between business owners, council and community in a warm and supportive environment”