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Lost direction or focus?

Looking to make changes, but don’t know where to start?

Need someone to hold you accountable?

Rolf Fuchs from Fox Coaching provides the coaching services to get people’s lives back on track, and have them focused on the area’s that matter. Rolf has a wealth of life experience as well as the training to help you turn your life around. Rolf understands the pressures that can affect our lives. Rolf with his wife has raised a child with Autism to be a happy and self-sufficient adult. Rolf and his wife have also raised 2 other sons, all whilst building a career as a software developer.

Rolf also understands reaching that point of wanting to change direction, but feeling stuck and without options. From that point Rolf decided there was something more out there, changed his direction and now helps others to do the same through Fox Coaching.

Rolf has helped people successfully change careers in their 50’s, regain their passion for their business and just generally get their passion for life back.
Rolf’s coaching is totally judgement free and absolutely confidential. Working with Rolf you can again have that clarity, direction and joy you want in your life.