Perfection Fresh Australia Pty Ltd

Rosemary Cartisano

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We’re what you might call a home-grown company – in more ways than one! For over 40 years we’ve operated as a family business. We have a long history in agriculture and together with the Australian farming community we grow the freshest, most flavoursome produce around.

It’s a legacy of flavour perfection that’s been handed down through the family. From our founder Tony Simonetta right through to our 500+ staff, who share our passion for bringing you unforgettable, fresh flavours.


Since 1978 we’ve travelled the world searching for fresh produce that’s tastier and fresher in flavour. And when we find the absolute best, we bring it home to Australia, to grow, perfect and share with you. We’re behind some of Australia’s favourite, freshest flavours. From Broccolini® – one of our greatest and tastiest field discoveries, to our coolest, crunchiest creation yet, Qukes® baby cucumbers. Among our many claims to fame are our luscious, vine-ripened tomatoes, grown especially for you in all shapes and sizes. And our exclusive lines of blueberries, raspberries and mangoes – like a taste of tropical paradise.

Level 1, 7 Underwood Road Homebush, NSW 2140, Australia