NAB Foundation community projects

We are pleased to announce that we have received support from the NAB Foundation to increase the disaster preparedness and resilience of our community.

After experiencing so many severe weather events in the last few years, from the Black Summer bushfires of 2019-2020, to extreme rain and flooding in February-March, July, and even now, in November 2022, recovery is difficult and often seems like a dauntless and impossible task.

NAB Foundation’s support will go far in rebuilding and strengthening our communities. Their generous support of $10,000 for the Liverpool Chamber will allow us to develop and hold two workshops for local Liverpool Businesses.

Each workshop will aim to provide

  1. Capacity Building and
  2. Strategic Advice for attendees to help them build resilience, rebuild, and expand their business capacity.

We work hard to support our local small and medium businesses and organisations. Through this workshop, we will close a knowledge gap within our community to help us become better at managing, mitigating, and navigating disaster risks. Overall, we aim to encourage and strengthen our community’s resilience and the overall business economy.

community serviceWith a goal to help people and places better prepare for natural disasters and assist their long-term recovery, we trust that NAB Foundation will continue to fund amazing community projects that will support and empower the Liverpool community and beyond now and into the future.


Other organisations that NAB Foundation is supporting in 2022 within the Greater Sydney region include:

  • Camden Men’s Shed, a charity that aims to provide a safe environment for its members’ wellbeing and mental health. Impacted four times in 2022 by floods, the Camden Men’s Shed will fund a ride-on mower to provide continuous income for the Shed whilst maintaining the many acreages in the region.
  • Careflight, an aeromedical charity based in Westmead, aims to save lives and speed up recovery by providing quick medical care and transport to regional and remote communities. Funding will purchase equipment for a series of trauma care workshops for first responders in LGAs affected by the Black Summer Bushfires.
  • Daystar Foundation is a charitable organisation that aims to alleviate poverty and create pathways for vulnerable people to achieve and belong. They will provide food and household items for Food Care hampers with NAB Foundation’s support for vulnerable residents in Bonnyrigg and Fairfield.
  • Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a not-for-profit that aims to support the local business community within and surrounding Liverpool. They will create two workshops that will provide Capacity Building and Strategic Advice for attendees to build resilience against disasters and help them rebuild and expand their business capacity with NAB’s support.
  • Menangle Community Association in the Campbelltown area aims to preserve and protect its rich agricultural and First Nation heritage. Impacted by bushfires in 2019 and floods in 2021 and 2022, the Menangle community is creating a safe space to gather for emergency evacuations, using NAB Foundation’s funding for accessibility ramps and internal fit-outs.
  • Royal Far West, a charity with an office in Manly that will use grant funds for disaster-recovery trauma support training for paediatric allied health teams. These teams will then help families and teachers understand individual responses to natural disasters and thus build the capacity to support children impacted by floods and other disasters.
  • Rufftrack, a charity based within the Hawkesbury region. Their project aims to engage at-risk youth to support overwhelmed landholders in clearing debris off properties, clearing out flood-damaged infrastructure, rebuilding fence lines and encouraging land regeneration of native plants in the Hawkesbury area after the devasting 2022 floods.
  • Streamwatch, an organisation associated with Sydney Water that aims to actively involve communities in the sustainable use, management, and rehabilitation of water catchments, creeks, and rivers. Their project will fund alert kits, enabling communities to track long-term environmental changes and impacts of fire and flood on waterways.

Message from our President

Dimitri Karam - President of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

“Our goal is to make our community more and more resilient in the face of natural disasters. During the floods the Holiday Inn suffered cancelations and devastation throughout our facility, we were lucky because we were prepared.

We thank NAB to be our partner in spreading the needed knowledge. “